Performance Enhancement

Re-mapping your engine's management system is now cheaper than you might expect, depending on vehicle our prices start from as low as £249.00.


Re-mapping an engine allows you to be free from manufactures restrictions. When new cars are sold in many countries they are subject to many design changes, this can be down to the quality of fuel, service schedules and insurance reasons. Many of these standards do not apply to vehicles on U.K. roads meaning your engine is restricted needlessly. 


All of our re-mapping procedures use the finest German software and all engine re-maps are designed to work within the safety parameters of the manufacturer's engine specifications.


  • MORE Power 

  • MORE Torque 

  • MORE Fuel economy (2-5 mpg) 

  • MORE Drive ability 


All of our engine re-mapping procedures are fully reversible, backups made and kept of every vehicle we re-map meaning the car can be returned to original factory standard at any time at A1 Motor services free of charge. Our experienced mobile engineers can complete the work at a location to suit you or you can call into A1 Motor services in Stafford.


All our re-mapping work is fully guaranteed and we are sure you will enjoy the benefits of your new engine mapping.


Most vehicles can benefit immedietly from our software upgrades. Contact us on 01785 246089 for more information or to book your vehicles upgrade either at A1 Motor Services or with one of our mobile engineers.


Here at A1 Motor Services Ltd we strive to be at the front most of diagnostics and being able to repair the latest computer controlled systems on today's vehicles. Autologic gives us dealer-level software with access to unrivalled technical support from Master Technicians and specialist software engineers. Systems have continued to become more and more complex so we have to stay ahead of the game and heavily invest in the equipment and training to be able to repair them. 


Our technicians have spent a number of years studying and training in order to gain expert knowledge in the complex workings of modern day vehicles, which ensures faults can be identified quickly and accurately. As vehicle manufacturing has advanced we have adapted quickly through investing heavily in the latest electronic diagnostic systems to allow us to be able to offer a premium service to all our customers at a competitive price.

We have main dealer diagnostic for the following brands- Au

Over the past few years the vehicle manufacturing industry has changed radically as a result of computerization. Nowadays, integrated electronic systems and complex computers run vehicles and constantly measure their performance.  


DPF Cleaning

A1 Motor Services has invested in the very latest  DPF Cleaning equiptment. 

This works on euro 5 and 6 engines. Is fully TUV approved and achieves fantastic results.